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Little Trekkers Activity Advent Calendar

Little Trekkers Activity Advent Calendar

Posted by Little Trekkers on 29th Nov 2023

Merry Christmas!! We know it sounds too soon to be saying that, but if you have been thinking about doing an Advent Activity Calendar, but don’t have time, then look no further, here at Little Trekkers we are here to help make it stress-free and as easy as possible.

We wanted to make sure you had absolutely everything you need to plan an easy and most importantly fun Advent for your Little Trekkers.

An advent calendar doesn't have to cost a fortune, it doesn’t have to be full of chocolates and candy canes, and you don’t need to buy 24 books. Why not try our free printable activity advent calendar? With 24 easy and stress-free Christmas activities to keep December full of Christmas spirit and family fun.

You can cut out our activity cards and add them to a calendar with numbers, doors, and pouches, you can string them up, add them to a jar, or even attach them to a chocolate calendar you may have already purchased. We can't wait to see what you do with them.

Be sure to share your Advent Activities with us on Instagram by tagging us and using #littletrekkersadventures in your posts and stories. 

Activity Advent 

The Little Trekkers team has put together 24 activities that we think will get your family feeling very festive, we have also included blank copies so that if you have a special family tradition or a Christmas day out or something the kids would love to do you can add in your own ideas to make it personal to your family. All versions of the calendar are available both in colour and black & white.