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Getting Outside with your kids- Top Tips

Getting Outside with your kids- Top Tips

Posted by Little Trekkers on 20th Sep 2023

Little Trekkers top tips for getting outside with your kids

Getting outside is a fantastic way to promote their physical and mental well-being while fostering a love for the outdoors. Here are some tips and activity ideas to make outdoor adventures with kids enjoyable and educational.

Plan Age-Appropriate Activities: Choose activities that are suitable for your child's age and physical abilities. Younger children may enjoy simple nature walks, while older kids might be interested in hiking or biking.

Safety First: Ensure safety by dressing appropriately for the weather, and definitely don't forget water and plenty of snacks! 

Explore Local Parks: Visit nearby parks, playgrounds, National Trust, and English Heritage sites. Many places have designated areas for picnics, hiking trails, and play equipment for children.

Nature Scavenger Hunt: Download our seasonal scavenger hunts for free, this can make the outing more engaging and educational.

Download our Autumn Scavenger Hunt.

Autumn Colour Copy  Autumn Black & White copy

Why not be prepared and download our Winter Scavenger Hunt too.

Winter Colour Copy Winter Black & White Copy

Make a Nature Journal: Encourage kids to keep a journal or a diary where they can draw pictures, take notes, or collect leaves and flowers. This helps them connect with nature and develop observation skills.

Outdoor Games: Play classic outdoor games like tag, hide-and-seek, or frisbee. These games promote physical activity and can be a lot of fun for kids.

Bird Watching: Bring binoculars and a bird identification book and teach kids about the local bird species. You can make it a goal to spot and identify as many as you can.

Nature Crafts: Collect natural materials like sticks, leaves, and stones to create crafts like leaf rubbings, painted rocks, or nature collages.

Picnic Adventures: Pack a picnic and eat outdoors. Let kids help prepare the food, and then enjoy a meal together in a scenic spot.

Family Bike Ride: If your children are old enough to ride bikes, take a family bike ride. Make sure to choose safe paths or trails suitable for cycling.

Camping: Consider a family camping trip, even if it's just in your back garden. Camping can be a fun and educational experience for kids, teaching them about nature and self-reliance.

Stargazing: On clear nights, lay out a blanket and do some stargazing. Teach kids about constellations, planets, and the wonders of the night sky.

Outdoor Art: Bring along sketchbooks and coloured pencils for some outdoor art sessions. Kids can draw what they see in nature or simply let their creativity flow.

Seasonal Activities: Tailor your outdoor activities to the season. In the winter, you can go sledding or build snowmen, while in the summer, you can go wild swimming or have a water balloon fight.

The key is to make outdoor time with kids enjoyable, educational, and memorable. Encourage their curiosity, let them explore, and take the opportunity to teach them about the natural world around them. These experiences can help foster a lifelong love of nature and the outdoors.