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Storm Down Care Wash Kit -225ml

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Within this kit you get all you need to care for your Down filled Gear.

Maximises Loft
Restores Breathability
Incresded Garment Life Span
Gentle to Fabrics

Rather than having to wash first and then proof after, Storm's unique system means you can wash and proof in one cycle. Place the STORM CARE Wash in your washing machine just as you would a detergent and the STORM CARE Proof in place of a fabric conditioner. Set your machine off as per garment label instructions. When the cycle has finished all you need to do is dry your garment. Being able to wash and proof in one was cycle saves water, energy, time and our planet.

Down Care Kit contents:
225ml DOWN WASH (Wash in)
225ml DOWN PROOFER (Wash in)
DOWN DRYER BALLS TWIN (Dryer Balls to help maintain loft and insulation during the drying.)
Includes a Dosage Cup
CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin.
Storm products are all made in England and the packaging is easily recyclable, even the aluminium bottles.