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Micro Scooter My First Gift Set

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My First Scooter Gift Set: A 3-in-1 Package of Fun, Safety, and Style

Introduce your little one to the world of scooting with the My First Scooter Gift Set. This set features a delightful star design on a helmet, pull and carry and bell. It is suitable for use on all scooters and for riders aged 2+.​​

The set includes an award-winning Micro helmet with adjustable chin straps, air vents to keep heads cool, a rear sizing dial for the perfect fit, cushioned clasp for pinch-free opening and closing, LED rear light for extra safety and extra padding for a comfy fit. ​​

Get Your Tired Toddler Home
Scooting can be tiring work for little legs. This set includes an Eco Pull & Carry, which loops around the scooter's handlebars, allowing kids to be pulled along – it's a great way of helping build confidence in younger riders. In addition, you can wrap the strap around your scooter, making it easy to carry and keeping your clothes free from muddy wheels. ​​

Be Seen And Heard
The final accessory in the set is a weatherproof, flexible bell. Wrap around the handlebars of the scooter's stem to keep your adventurer heard on every adventure. ​

​Whether for a birthday, Christmas, or any occasion, the My First Scooter Gift Set is a beautiful present that will bring the gift of adventure for years to come. ​

Q: Which size helmet should I buy for my child?
A: All child's heads vary and choosing the correctly sized helmet for your child has no correlation to their age. 

Q: Why should my child wear a helmet?
A: We believe all children should wear a helmet when scooting but know getting them to actually one is easier said than done. A helmet provides crucial protection in the event of a fall.

Q: Is the Eco pull and carry compatible with all scooters?
A: Yes, simply loop around the handlebars of your scooter allowing you to pull your little adventurer along. This saves you bending down to pull them and builds their confidence to balance.
The strap also doubles as a carry strap for your scooter. You can only carry the following scooters with this strap; Mini and Maxi Micros The strap cannot be used to carry any other scooter apart from those listed above.

Q: How long is the Eco Pull and Carry Strap?
A: The Pull and Carry Strap is 83cm

Q: Are Micro bells suitable for scooters and bikes?
A: Yes, our bells can be used on all scooters, bikes, and trikes.

Q: How do you attach the bell to the scooter / bike?
A: The flexible silicone straps means the bell can wrap around nearly all handlebars or stems. Simply stretch into place. The multiple fastening settings makes Micro bells versatile for many applications. So you can swap from scooter to bike and back again easily and quickly.

Q: Is the bell waterproof?
A: Yes, you can keep on dinging come rain or shine.