Frog Spit, Spittlebugs and Froghoppers

On the way to the river there was frog spit everywhere. My mum was 36 years old before she found out that frogs didn’t really spit on all the grass on the way to the river. So to avoid Squid this embarrassment I told her what frog spit really was.

During late spring or early summer the eggs of Spittlebugs hatch and the young spittlebugs (also called nymphs) attach themselves to grass or other plants to feed on the sap.

The nymphs surround themselves in the white froth that people call Frog Spit or Cuckoo Spit to hide from predators, protect themselves from becoming too hot or cold and to stop from drying out. They then grow up into adult Spittlebugs, which are also called froghoppers as they look a bit like tiny frogs and can hop really far for their size.

Which I suppose explains why my mum says “it’s just a bit of spittle” when Squid has dribbled all over my stuff.

But then it’s not quite the same … Spittlebug nymphs pump their bodies and blow it out of the other end!

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