They're Walking in the Air

It was 2 days before Christmas and the minxes’ excitement level was 20,000ft and climbing. Despite the start of Storm Barbara’s gusty winds and blustery rain, the girls really needed to get outdoors and burn off some energy because there was a distinct danger that their exhilaration’s inevitable slide into mischief would get them onto Santa’s Naughty List!

They're Walking in the Air

No problem – they’ve got great wellies, jackets, hats and gloves, so the weather’s never going to hold them up. But they’ve been growing fast these past few months, especially Maxi and Midi, and they’ve not been very prompt about telling me what they’ve grown out of. So all of a sudden, we discovered that the minxes had no comfortable welly socks. Not a single pair. None of them. Everything is too tight, or slides about their heel, or twists around their instep, or falls baggily around their ankles. Nothing in their over-stuffed sock drawers will do. To 3 howling girls, this is obviously a disaster of Titanic proportions (!)

In a coincidental bit of timing that made me start believing in Santa myself, our friendly postman knocked in the middle of the wails and shrieks and delivered an early Christmas present from Little Trekkers – a pair each of Spotty Otter Super Fluffy Socks. Not only were they in the correct sizes for each girl, they were also in their preferred colours. Fantastic! The girls quickly tried them on and skipped about in glee – they fitted. All 3 pairs. Unheard of! The girls stroked the fluffy socks and cooed about their softness and the colours and stripes while I checked the washing label on the back – wool wash and tumble-dryable. Perfect! In winter when it’s too cold to dry anything outside, we’re completely overwhelmed with washing drying indoors that can’t be tumbled.

Mini thrust a big-little foot in my face: “Look, Mummy: studs!” Well, they’re not football boots, just little plastic dots along the soles that make the socks non-slip, very handy on our floors. I frowned, thinking that perhaps my most sensory-sensitive girl might hate the feel of these in her wellies. Or the fluff might transfer to everything. Only one way to find out – give them a test!

My friend’s kids were similarly stratospheric, so she brought them and their friend on the walk, too. We spent a few hours bimbling along one of our standard jaunts that takes us along slippy grassy tracks, through the most kickable beech and birch leaves ever, on top of decked bridges, over tree trunks, under and over tree roots, in and out of tree stumps, along a loose-stoned farm track, through a slushy mud course, and finally on a long tarmacked stretch of road. Basically, a thorough test of the socks’ performance (and a fairly decent tirer-outer of 6 little girls). How did the socks cope?

The last 2 photos are of the girls’ socks at the end of the walk. You can see it was getting dark! I hope you can also see that they’re 3 happy kids, not at all bothered by annoying clothes or miserable weather. And the detail? The girls’ feet stayed warm in their wellies without getting sweaty. The socks stayed in place with no bagging or wrinkling. Muddy Maxi reported that although her knees and legs were soggy and caked after (yet another) fall into cold, wet mud, her legs didn’t feel cold and the socks had cushioned her fall a lot. In fact, they made her often-aching feet feel feather-light. The non-slip dots were comfy to wear for a long time. The girls declared them The Best Welly Socks Ever and refused to take them off.

Despite all of this, I was still a little cynical – they might not have shed fluff into the wellies, but would they in the washing machine? Would they stretch out of shape? Would they disintegrate when snagged with twigs and brambles? Would they be a 2-hour hit with the girls then remain forgotten? No; no; no, and no. The socks have barely been off the girls’ feet since. They’ve lasted through a number of washes and there have been no reports of shrinkage or stretching – they fit as well as they did fresh out of the parcel.

Spotty Otter really, really know what they’re doing with kids’ clothes: comfortable, easy to wear, easy to care for, and completely indestructible. I should know better by now! I agreed with the girls that they were The Best Welly Socks Ever and that they were a brilliant Christmas present – thank you very much Little Trekkers! So you’d better buy some now before the minxes clear out the Little Trekkers shop with their Christmas money…

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Jay Greengrass

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Hello! I’m Jay, married to Jon, living in North East Scotland with our 3 daughters: Maxi (10), Midi (8) and Mini Minx (6).

Favourite place in the world:

It’s hard to choose between the stretch of Moray Firth coast between Findhorn and Cullen, and Westray (a northerly Orkney island). Both have an amazing diversity of beautiful coastlines in a small space (empty, clean, sandy beaches; crystal-clear rockpools; crags, cliffs and stacks), fascinating wildlife, friendly people and endlessly interesting weather. Bar visits to friends and relatives, we’ve taken all our holidays in Scotland, north of where we live, for many years. We’ve still barely scratched the surface of this beautiful country.

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Rock-pooling and scrambling on local beaches; camping; walking in the gentler local hills; foraging for fruit and jam-making ingredients; and growing our own fruit and vegetables against the combined deterring efforts of our cat and the weather.

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