Our very own Twigloo

In our local community woodland we have a 'twigloo' - much admired recently rebuilt - and getting a bit small now for Corwin. It has long been our plan to build our very own twigloo on the croft and so when we had a rather quiet Sunday afternoon ahead of us recently we decided this was the time to finally have a go.

Our very own Twigloo

We set out with some basic tools to cut birch whips and some rope to tie things together - a bit more basic than the original builders of the true twigloo had - but hey at this stage this was experimental anyway ;-)

After we had identified a suitable patch of birch trees with lots of whips that needed pruning anyway we got going. Stewart was the main cutting master with Corwin and me piling up the whips and grading them in similar lengths and sizes. The main challenge was that Geo - an accomplished logging dog - didn't quite get the idea of what we were doing and safeguarding our treasures against dog-abduction soon became Corwin's main job.

We soon had a nice pile and decided it was about time to start with the construction job. A nice spot was soon found and Stewart had a go at placing a few of the whips to create the first part of the 'structure'. It soon became obvious it would be much bigger than the twigloo that had inspired us - a new summer house maybe if we just continued and grew it?

Whilst the size was impressive the shape was… ermmm… not exactly uniform or symmetrical. After a short period for deliberation and consultations - would any twigloo purists be offended or would a visiting Inuit point out the shortcomings - we decided that conformity had never been our thing and nothing should stop us going ahead with our a bit lopsided but truly creative masterpiece.

More whips were added and tied together - Corwin moved inside for a few tests to see how it fitted for size. More dog-management required as Geo had started to chew some of the essential parts of our very own 'Birch Cottage'.

After a good hour of cutting - dragging - assembling we took a step back to asses the outcome of our labour and passion ...

INTERESTING! And different and definitely very much us. We decided it would be wise to let it stand there in its current shape for a while to test it for stability before adding more parts ... and were indeed pleasantly surprised when two weeks later it was still standing. Definitely work in progress and to be continued!

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Monika Strell

Monika Strell

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Monika (an Austrian in Scotland), Stewart (a true Highlander) and Corwin (8), plus 2 dogs and 5 cats.  We live on a woodland croft in the parish of Assynt, in the far North West Highlands of Scotland.

Favourite place in the world:

Home - we are lucky to have mountains and beaches on our doorstep and Scotland generally; but we also love the mountains in my native Austria and have a soft spot for California, where we spent our honeymoon.

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Explovering (our personal term for exploring and discovering) mountains, lochs and beaches, camping, foraging, star gazing, Geocaching, developing our already wonderful woodlands into a magic place to share with family, friends and neighbours and fishing.

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