How to Make a Snowman Pom Pom

Making pom poms is always a fun thing to do during the holidays but why not be a bit more creative and turn them into snowmen this Christmas.

How to Make a Snowman Pom Pom

What you will need

  • Card (an empty cereal packet is perfect)
  • Approximately one large ball of white wool
  • A selection of pipe cleaners, buttons, pieces of felt or scraps of fabric to decorate
  • PVA glue

How you do it

  1. For the head, mark out 2 circles approx 8cm in diameter, then mark the inner circles of approx 4cm in diameter inside each circle. Cut out to make two doughnut shapes.

  2. Repeat for the body marking 2 circles approx 11cm in diameter with inner circles of 6.5cm in diameter, and cut out.

  3. Starting with the head first, place the 2 smaller cardboard rings together, knot the end of your wool onto your rings and begin winding wind the wool through the centre around the outside and back through the centre again. Repeat working in a clockwise direction. It helps if you wind smaller balls of wool from the larger one that will fit through the centre of the rings, when you run out simply knot the next small ball on and carry on.

    pom pom cardboard templates
  4. When you have almost completed your first layer take a piece of orange pipe cleaner (or whatever colour you would like to use for your snowman's nose) cut a piece that is approx 4 cm long and fold in half. place this onto the card ring so that it is on the inner edge of the hole, then fold the remaining over hanging pipe cleaner back on its self as shown in the picture.

    pipe cleaner nose
  5. Carry on winding the wool until the centre hole is full. For the final rounds you may find it easier to thread the wool on to a needle to pull through.

    threading the wool through the card
  6. Next for the tricky bit! Take the fully wound ring and hold in one hand. Take a sharp pair of scissors and slip through the loops around the outside edge of the rings snipping all the way around the outside edge until you reach the cardboard centres.

    cut through the loops
  7. When all the loops have been snipped carefully ease the rings apart a little, cut a length of wool approx 30cms long and fold in half, the wrap around the centre between the 2 separated cardboard rings and tie tightly in a triple knot. It is very important to make sure this knot is secure otherwise your pompom will fall apart.

  8. Unfold the pipe cleaner and twist into a carrot shape.

    carrot nose
  9. Repeat the whole process using the 2 larger rings for your snowman’s body, leaving out the pipe cleaner nose, unless you would like to try adding pipe cleaners at this stage at opposite sides of the cardboard rings to create ''arms''.

  10. Cut 2 lengths of wool approx 30cms in length. Take one length of wool and fasten length ways around the head pompom fastening tightly in a knot at the bottom of the head, the strands of wool on the pompom should hide the length of wool leaving only the 2 end lengths visible. Repeat with the body of the snowman.

    secure your pompom
  11. Knot together the two leftover end lengths of wool from the head and body pieces fastening them tightly and securely with a double knot.

    snowman pompom
  12. You should then have your two pompoms securely fastened together forming a snowman shape, that is ready to be decorated.

    decorating the pom pom snowman
  13. We have fastened a large pipe cleaner around the neck of our snowman, glued on small black buttons for coal eyes and buttons and have made a hat from left over pipe cleaners and a round piece of felt but at this point you can use your imagination to create your own personalised snowman design.

Our Useful Tips

around the Christmas tree
  • To make larger or smaller snowmen simply make the card circles bigger or smaller
  • Try experimenting by adding different kinds of wool, string, thin tinsel or pipe cleaners during the winding process to make your own personalised snowmen
  • Make lots of smaller white pompoms for indoor snowball fights
  • Just make the snowman’s heads and use as Christmas tree decorations.

Did you Make Snowman Pom Poms?

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    These are adorable


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