Gravity Experiment

You Will Need

    • Cotton Wool Ball
    • Pebble
    • 2 pieces of Newspaper
  • To have the most fun, do this experiment with your brothers, sister, and friends. Even better if you have a climbing frame or safe structure to stand on at a height so you can count or clap how long it takes for the objects to hit the ground. But be sure an adult is around to make sure only the objects fall down and not you!

    1. Hold the cotton wool ball in your right hand and the pebble in your left hand. If you drop them, which do you think will hit the ground first?
    2. Try it and see. Were you right? Why do you think that happened?
    3. Crumple up a piece of newspaper into a ball and leave the other sheet as it is. Which do you think will hit the ground first this time?
    4. Try it and see. Were you right? Why do you think that happened?

    Important Bit

    No matter where you are on Earth all objects fall to the ground because of a force called gravity. Sir Isaac Newton apparently discovered gravity when he was sat under a tree and an apple fell on his head in 1665!

    It is the force that holds the planets in orbit around the sun and keeps the moon in orbit around Earth. The closer you are to an object, the stronger its gravitational pull. It is the force that gives you weight, it pulls on all of the mass in your body and stops you from falling off the earth!

    Gravity is a force which tries to pull two objects toward each other. Anything which has mass also has a gravitational pull. The greater the mass an object has, the stronger its gravitational pull is. Objects with a greater mass, like the pebble, fall at a faster rate than less dense objects, like the cotton wool ball or feather.

    When you scrunch up a piece of newspaper into a ball you make its mass denser and so it falls to the ground faster than a sheet of newspaper.

    Top Tips

    • Try this experiment with some other objects such as a feather, beach ball, potato, or a wooden spoon
    • Which ones hit the ground first?
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