Kylie's Kreatures Get Face to Face with Livestock

The local annual agricultural show is always a big date in Kylies Kreatures’ calendar. As Kylie herself so eloquently puts it, “I think cows are beautiful, especially their eyes, they’re huge!”

Kylie's Kreatures Get Face to Face with Livestock

As soon as they got to the show they made a beeline for the vast array of cattle on show. The Highland cattle were their favourites and one fine looking specimen was very happy to have his photo taken with Yellow.

highland cattle Cow fact: A cow can produce about 100 glasses of milk each day

Now it would have been quite easy for Kylies’ Kreatures to have spent all day with the cattle, practising their moo sounds and regurgitating grass but there was so much else to see and do.

Their next stop was to watch the Tamworth pigs do some kind of agility test as farmers guided them around with a stick and white board.

highland cattle Pig fact: A pig can run a 7-minute mile

The pigs were in a rather mischievous mood, leading the farmers a merry dance by running around in circles and totally ignoring their attempts to maintain decorum and order, much to the delight of our little fabric friends.

One very naughty piggy even bit his owner as to show who was really boss.

As the afternoon drew to a close and the Kreatures had had their fill of scones and sponge cake from all the yummy food stalls (nobody really noticed them taking sneaky pieces from the sample trays), they went to see some chickens.

fluffy white chicken Chicken fact: Chickens are the closest living relative of the tyrannosaur

There were many fine specimens on show but this one in particular caught their eye.

duck Duck fact: Ducks' feathers are waterproof

Yellow was particularly keen on the ducks even though they remained quite camera shy, he still managed to get a quick picture before the duck waddled off.

Next year, Kylie’s Kreatures are going to enter themselves into one of the craft competitions to see if they can win a fancy rosette to display with pride back at Little Trekkers HQ.

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