Kylie's Kreatures and Croc Man's Great Escape

A mysterious box recently arrived at Little Trekkers’ HQ. Always curious, Kylies Kreatures couldn’t resist having a look inside and to their surprise it was jam packed full of mini blue Croc Men. Then, a muffled voice cried from the bottom of the box:

“Help!! I’m a Croc Man …Get Me Out of Here ”

Kylie's Kreatures and Croc Man's Great Escape

On hearing his plea, Kylie’s Kreatures sprung into action.

yellow makes rope Bear Grylls eat your heart out, Yellow made this rope with no hands! Yellow (AKA the Manaufacturer) is an avid fan of Bear Grylls and so confidently began working on tying some sheets together to make a rope for Croc Man to abseil down from the cardboard box.

Croc Man's death defying abseil Croc Man's death defying abseil out of the horrors of the cardboard box

After safely getting out the box, Croc Man told Kylies Kreatures his plight. Those pesky kids at Little Trekkers HQ had decided during this season of goodwill to all men that they were going to give away lots and lots of Croc Men in a competition for their Facebook fans.

“I’ve heard about all the fun Kylies’ Kreatures have”, he said.

“I don’t want to end up at the bottom of a toy box. I have dreams, aspirations; I want to feel the strong North Easterly wind around the Langsett Reservoir blowing through my little Croc fingers. Help me escape the competition, please…..”

hatching a plan Croc Man explains his plight to Kylies Kreatures

It had been a while since Kylie’s Kreatures had been on one of their intrepid adventures. Eric had been keeping them busy in the warehouse picking and packing all the lovely Winter stuff to keep children all over the country warm and snug so they can enjoy playing outdoors in the wind, rain and snow.

Hidding amongst the Yorkshire stone Croc Man at the entrance of Tom, or is it Dick or Harry?

Getting out of the office was relatively straightforward but getting out of the Bullhouse Mill “compound” was going to take strength, skill and courage. After visiting Whitby a while back Red, Blue and Pink (AKA the Tunnel Kings) had perfected their digging skills and so building a tunnel was going to be a piece of cake.

croc man and tunnel On the look out , the woods are just 20 feet away

At this point you’re all probably thinking… hang on there a minute…. the Great Escape didn’t have the happiest of endings. Well, in best Hollywood tradition we haven’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.

triumph motorbike The Croc King rides to Langsett

Triumphantly (ahem) on exiting the tunnel Croc Man found an abandoned motorbike. He climbed on, revved the engine and leapt over a stone wall to the amazement of the on looking flock of sheep. Kylies Kreatures waved him a tearful goodbye as he made his way to Langsett Reservoir.

a tearful farewell Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye

And the moral of this tale….Don’t let your Croc Man lay abandoned at the bottom of a toy box. Share your Croc Man tales with us on our facebook page.

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