Let the Games Begin!!!!!!

Looking for ways to keep your kids entertained and active this summer? Why not hold your own Back Garden Olympics!

Let the Games Begin!!!!!!

Here at Little Trekkers we have all the inspiration (and some of the kit) you will need to host your very own Olympic Games. These simple ideas can be tailored to suit all the family, all you will need is a few everyday items, a little creativity and bags of energy!

Little Trekkers Top Ten Ideas for Sporting Fun

1. Have Your Own Opening Ceremony

Invite friends and family around for the morning, afternoon or entire day and divide in to teams, then get the kids busy making flags, sashes and mascots in preparation for the opening ceremony.

Choose a theme song for each team then in turn parade around your garden waving your team flags and displaying your children's fabulous creations.

let the games begin
2. Baby We Were Born to Run

All you need to do is decide on how many laps are appropriate for the age of the children, then on your marks... get set... go!

Events could include:

  • Distance races, running laps around the garden
  • Three legged races, using a scarf, ribbon or skipping rope
  • Egg and spoon races, don't for get to boil the egg first! You could also get your children to decorate the eggs in their own team colours to make them extra special.
  • Sack races, old pillowcases make fantastic sacks for younger children
  • Relay races, all you need is a baton. This could simply be a kitchen roll tube or our dive sticks also double up to make excellent batons!
  • Party Streamers make excellent starting/ finishing lines
3. Throwing It Up in the Air

Use a tape measure to measure the distance of each throw alternatively use personalised markers to mark the position of the each landing. Zoggs Seal Flips make great markers!

  • Javelin - Zoodles make wonderful javelins they are soft so won't hurt or cause any damage if they collide with anything or anyone!
  • Try the discus using a Frisbee or decorated paper plates.
  • Welly throwing. Much more fun than the shot put and they won’t make big holes in the lawn. Aficionados at this event throw the welly directly off the end of their foot.
  • Fill old socks with rice and sew up the end to make 'bean' bags for throwing competitions and markers.
puddle jumping
4. Might As Well Jump
  • High Jump - You will need two people (adults preferably to avoid any cheating!) to hold each end of the zoodle, ribbon or skipping rope then let the kids jump over it, moving it slightly higher each time.
  • Long jump - Mark out a starting line then jump to see how far you can go. Use markers or a tape measure to measure the distance.
  • Triple jump - Mark out a starting line then a little further away the jumping off point, take a little run up then hop, skip and jump to see who can jump the furthest, use your markers or tape measure again to measure the distance.
  • Puddle jumping – Give marks for artistic merit for the largest splash and muddiest trousers.
playing swingball
5. Don’t Stop Me Now, I’m Having Such a Good Time, I’m Having a Ball
  • Football or penalty shootout if your space is limited. All you will need are goal posts (or 2 cones or jumpers spaced at an appropriate distance for the age of the child taking the shots and goal keeping) and a football.
  • Volleyball - Tie a skipping rope to two fixed points, Garden chairs work really well or you could use the washing line if it’s not too high. Select 2 teams and using a large-ish soft ball hit it back and forwards over the 'net'. For smaller children you could use balloons, hitting them up in to the air to see who can keep them off the ground longest to become the winner.
  • Tennis - Or if your garden isn't set up for it, Swingball! Who doesn't love swingball?
bouncing on the trampoline
6. Head Over Heels
  • Trampolining - Lots of people now have trampolines in their gardens which can be used to host an 'event' in your garden Olympics, depending on the age and skills of your child you can have activities such as jumping the highest, synchronised bouncing or backwards and forward flips!
  • Gymnastics - Simple gymnastic routines can be choreographed to suit the different ages of the participants, using swimming costumes or UV suits a leotards and choosing favourite music to perform to. Party Streamers make excellent ribbons for rhythmic gymnastic routines.
out cycling
7. Taking It Out on Location

To make it more interesting for older kids turn your garden Olympics into a whole weekend activity by venturing out to local parks or swimming baths. You could include events such as:

  • Cycling races in local parks - Set a route e.g. 5 times round the band stand or playground and see who gets the quickest over all time and lap time.
  • For any dare devils BMX-ing or skateboarding at the local skate park see who can pull off the best stunts!
  • At the local pool you can try diving, breast stroke, back stroke races or have a go at synchronised swimming!
8. Going for Gold

Of course no Olympic Games can be complete without awarding medals and a closing ceremony. You can pick up cheap medals in the party section at most supermarkets alternatively make them more personal by making your own. Make up your own categories, for example:

  • Funniest gymnastic routine
  • Best penalty
  • Best swingball serve
  • Biggest belly flop

Find some boxes so that medal winners can stand high to receive their applause! For younger children you should plan to give every child a medal for something.

9. The Closing Ceremony

Once medals have all been handed out, play each team’s theme music, again giving the kids a chance to march around the garden again, this time proudly displaying medals they have earned!

10.Little Trekkers Sporting Rule Book
  • Choose an official judge to make decisions, someone who can be fair and unbiased.
  • Don’t forget to keep hydrated.
  • Don't forget to slap on the sunscreen.
  • Make it about having fun and not just about winning medals, try to choose events where everyone will be good at something.
getting ready for the Olympics

Our Little Trekkers Ambassadors have been struck down with Olympic Fever and you can read all their stories here and don't forget to share with us your sporting achievements this Summer on our facebook page.

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