Building the Best Snowman

We make no secret of the fact that snow is our favourite type of weather at Little Trekkers. Once we have a decent snowfall, (at least 10 cm is usually enough to get us leaping with joy), we get out our snowman making kit and head for the fields around Little Trekkers HQ.

Building the Best Snowman

What We’ve Learnt About Making a Fantastic Snowman

  • Dirty snow melts quicker than clean snow and so to make sure to use crisp fresh snow so Frosty lasts for as long as possible.
  • The best snow is heavy and slightly wet rather than slushy, as this type of snow sticks together better and is usually when the weather isn't too cold.
  • Think carefully about where you’re going to build your snowman, a good spot in the shade is best as for some reason snowmen aren’t too keen on sunshine. Under a tree is ideal.
  • making your snowman
  • Start with a big snowball that you can make in your hand, and then roll it around the ground allowing it to get bigger. It’s better if there are a couple of you doing this together as a snowman’s body can get quite heavy. Try and keep away from rolling it near any leaves, stick or mud though.
  • Once your snowball is about the size of a space hopper, make a small dent on top of your first snow ball, this will make it easier for you to add his head later.
  • Now make your snowman’s head, this will need to be about the size of a beach ball.
  • Place the head carefully onto the top of your first snowball. Pack some extra snow between the join to help them stick together. If you have problems keeping your snowman in one piece you can place some sticks down the middle of your biggest snowball and then place his head on top.
  • Now it’s time to give your snowman some character….

Bringing Your Snowman to Life

Before you can start walking in the air, you need to wake your snowman up so, here’s what you’ll need…

  • A couple of sticks for his arms. Try and find some with extra twigs on the ends so they look like real hands.
  • Carrot or an orange for his nose
  • Christmas baubles, potatoes, pebbles or buttons for eyes
  • A slice of pumpkin or melon to give him a great big grin
  • If you’re making a snow girl, some branches of holly to make a nice little flower arrangement for her to hold

Snowmen Fashion Must Haves

Although your snowman loves being outdoors in the cold, he still needs to wrap up, so make sure you take an extra hat, scarf and pair of mittens. If it’s a little bit windy you might want a pair of earmuffs too.

Our Top Tips

  • Pat your snowball as it gets bigger to make sure the snow is tightly packed and won’t fall apart.
  • To make a really grand snowman use three instead of two snowballs.
  • snowgirl
  • For the more artistic amongst you, a little bit of snow sculpture might be in order. The best tools to do this are your hands, whether in mittens or gloves it’s up to you.
  • snowmen family
  • We like making a family of snowmen so they don’t get lonely.

Did You Know?

The world’s largest snowman was built in Bethel, Maine in 2008. It was 122 feet 1 inch tall and weighed 13,000,000 pounds, The eyes were made from 5ft large wreaths.

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