Beach Noughts and Crosses and Other Games

Apart from a bucket and spade there aren’t really any other toys you need as a kid playing on the beach. Everything else is already there for you. Driftwood, shells, seaweed, bits of old rope and netting. Once you’ve collected a few treasures there’s all sorts of games you can play down on the beach.

Beach Noughts and Crosses and Other Games

Traditional indoor games take on a new lease of life when they’re taken outdoors and the seaside is the one place where there are no excuses, you just have to play!!!

Beach Noughts and Crosses

At its most basic all you need is a twig or piece of driftwood to draw out your noughts and crosses on the beach. If you want to turn it into a more interesting activity you could gather some twigs and tie them together with pieces of string or rope to make up your noughts and crosses board and then collect some pebbles (to use as your noughts) and some shells (to use as your crosses).

Fill the Bucket

You’ve probably played a version of this at birthday parties or for those of you old enough to remember that TV classic It’s A Knockout, this will bring back memories. You need 2 buckets and 2 plastic cups. Split the family into 2 teams. Put the buckets on the sand, about 10-15 metres from the edge of the sea. On “GO,” the first person on each team runs to the sea, fills their cup and runs back to pour it into the bucket. Then they pass the cup to the next person on their team to do the same. There are two ways that you can decide on who has won, either the first team to fill their bucket or set a time limit, say 5 minutes, and see who can put the most water in the bucket before time is up.

Frisbee Fun

Mark out some circles on the beach. If you have any of those little flags that you put on top of your sandcastles, then place them in the centre of your circles. Make a line in the sand around 10 metres away from the circles you’ve made and then try and aim your Frisbee at them. Of course it is traditional for the first person to hit a circle 5 times to win an ice cream.

What are your favourite seaside games? Let us know on our facebook page. Share the fun.

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